Back from Florida

It’s really, really hot there. Obviously. But, it causes some things you wouldn’t think of. Something that I’d never considered but is surprisingly striking in practice: their tap water doesn’t run cold. If you think about it, you have a hot water heater for your hot tap water. Your “cold” setting is just naturally cold because the water is cold in the underground pipes, and most of you are probably familiar with the thing where if you run it for a few seconds (long enough to exhaust the water that was already in your building’s pipes and get to the water that was in underground pipes), it transitions into much colder water.

That doesn’t happen in Florida. It’s simply so hot there that it heats the water supply and no matter how long you run the faucet, the water never gets that satisfying chill you’re accustomed to after living here (NY). Really sucks when it’s super hot (read: always) and you’re hoping to get some relief from cool water. Nope, lukewarm is the best you’ll get unless you can find a fridge.

Also for a good number of air-conditioned buildings, they aren’t actually that cold. You walk in and it’s like ikuuuu~ (ahegao face) because you were SO hot. After a few minutes you start sweating again because it wasn’t actually that cold, just the difference felt really good at first. The exception to this is hotel rooms, which are actually too cold. There is never a happy temperature, it’s always some kind of extreme.

tl;dr there is no happiness in florida, making it a strange location for “the happiest place on earth”